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“I love my Roy Suits!! The fabric and fit are great! I made three custom suits and I get tons of compliments. Love the fact that when packing the reversible suit gives me several options with one swimsuit. Swimsuits designed and made by a woman for women! Love supporting a small business!”

-Cathy, Pennsylvania

“A bathing suit is the hardest article of clothing to shop for! Some sell their suits same size bottoms and tops or the bottoms never fit right on me, or you can’t find anything flattering! I’m a woman with some hips and small bust. Without fail, every bottom I purchase is usually a little snug and doesn’t fit right. Roy is literally the first swim suit set that I have purchased and felt as if it was made for my body! It hugs your hips perfectly and stays put without squeezing around your waist & hips! I only have one suit from October but looking forward to purchasing many more for summer 2019!!! Great job Liane! Xo”

-Cady, Massachusetts

“Just wanted to thank you for the first bathing suit I have ever gotten that I have felt comfortable in. At first I was skeptical about the fit based on your online images as I am not the same body type as your models. Once I tried it on my mind was instantly changed the bottoms fit so well and the bralette provides me with the support I have been looking for years in a cute suit (not a granny one). I must commend you on the quality of work and care for your products. I can't wait to get my next one and tell all my friends about your company! Again thank you!”


“Liane is a magical goddess with a sewing machine and spandex! Her swimsuits are expertly handcrafted with love, and it shows in every aspect of her brand. From her high quality materials and well-thought designs, to her genuine friendliness and client engagement, you can tell Liane has a deep love for her craft and the women she adorns in it. She even took time out of her busy summer schedule to make me a custom bikini with fabric she was very low on, and when the bottoms didn’t fit she replaced them nearly overnight with a pair that fit perfectly, without hesitation! Her bikini’s make me feel beautiful inside and out!”

- Hannah, Massachusetts

“Roy suits are by FAR my favorite bathing suits to wear! They’re so comfortable and the prints are always so cute. My favorite one to date is the zebra from summer ‘17”

- Maeve, Massachusetts

“Absolutely love Roy bikinis! Liane is the best at what she does and always makes sure the bikini fits perfect ( and if it doesn’t, she will make sure to send over a size that does!). The bikinis last forever (due to no elastics). I have one of her very first bikinis from over 5-6 years ago and it’s still in perfect shape! I highly recommend everyone owns at least one Roy bikini! <3”

- Margaux, Arizona

“I have 1 RoySwim suit and I absolutely LOVE it! It's SO comfortable, unique, and I get compliments all the time! When I first ordered I ordered a bottom I thought would look good on my body but ultimately did not provide enough coverage. I wrote to Liane and she not only recommended a much more appropriate bottom for my body but also exchanged the previous one at no additional cost. I can't wait to buy another suit this season!”

- Ellie, Massachusetts

“I love my bikini!! The material is soft and feels really high quality. The zebra print is adorable and being reversible, it's like having two suits, perfect for packing light!”

- Jeni, Maine

“I absolutely love these bathing suits. I work on the ocean every summer, and I've never had a suit that can keep up with me without getting stretched out or the fabric fading...until I got one of the roy bikinis. They are so soft, fit so well, and most of them are reversible! So you get variation in whatever suit you choose. Safe to say I'm a roy loyalist and am very happy to have found these suits.”

-Hannah, Massachusetts

“I love all my Roy Swim suits. They are hands down the most comfortable suits I’ve ever worn. They also stand the test of time—I have had my favorite Roy suit for 3 years now and it’s nearly as good as new. It’s hard to convince myself to ever wear anything else.”

-Lucia, Massachusetts

“RoySWIM’s suits are made with so much care and love! I appreciate how well-made they are and how well-thought out the designs are. I always feel sexier in mine - they’re clearly designed with an appreciation for real women’s bodies. They also last forever!”

- Lydia, Maine

“I am 5’10” with a long torso and these one pieces are pretty much the only I’ve ever found to fit thanks to the adjustable straps. The only other was the Jcrew classic scoop back before they discontinued tall. But I must say the fabric of Roy is much nicer and softer, also the whole suit (not just the boobs) is double lined (not the weird brown fabric- as if the outside material was folded in on itself) which just makes the whole thing feel really substantial and well crafted which of course it is :) this will be by far the most comfortable suit you own.”

- Cassie, Massachusetts

“I absolutely love your suits, especially how most of them are reversible, basically getting two suits in one! I have one pair of neutral bottoms that fit amazing and I love pairing them with all of my tops. The designs are so sleek and are perfect for tanning and being in the water. I can't wait to add to my collection!!!”

- Katie, Massachusetts